Host Responsibilities

Prior to Event:

  • Know your event well! Be sure to double-check the condition in advance. Make sure it isn't closed due to weather, etc.

  • Update any information ASAP by emailing

  • Your group will receive a reminder 1 week before your hike so any changes will need to occur before that time.

  • All participants should be members of the Women's Hiking Crew - This ensures that they have signed the waiver. The waiver protects you as a host, so it’s important that they sign it.

  • If you post on your social media feeds, be sure to include the link back to the event so participants can sign up.

  • We can let you know how many participants there are. Just reach out to us here Be sure to include your event information.

Day of Hike:

  • Arrive early

  • Be courteous and give a little time for late arrivals.

  • Introduce yourselves.

  • Ask everyone if they signed the waiver and let them know that this protects you as a host, so it’s important that they sign it. (if they are members, they have accepted this at time of purchase).

  • Do a head count of your group.

    • Keep in mind that not everyone moves at the same pace.

    • Take multiple breaks and be mindful of those who are having a difficult time.

    • Unless indicated in your event, do not treat this as a race.

    • If you are waiting for others to catch-up, let them rest with the group before proceeding.

  • Photos - Please ask permission before taking/posting pics of your participants.

  • Last but not least, enjoy your hike and thank you for taking the initiative to Get out and Get Moving!

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