Open Enrollment ends August 31, 2021 and will reopen Spring 2022. 

Ready to join the crew?

Tryna Hike? Us too! Whether you’re stepping onto a trail for your first hike ever or you’re a seasoned pro with years of experience, the Women’s Hiking Crew is an inclusive group where you can explore, grow, seek support, and just be yourself! 


When you invest in the Women’s Hiking Crew, you’ll join an inspiring community of women while gaining access to many incredible perks. Lifetime members receive VIP early bird pricing on event registrations, discounts on outdoor recreation resources, access to the community calendar, a spot in the private members-only forum, and so much more! Why wait for a second longer? The Crew is ready to welcome you in with open arms and exciting new adventures!

Where do the dues go?

Sure, anybody can go hiking, but how many times have you struggled to find a community of like-minded women who want to join you? The Women's Hiking Crew is that community! We understand what you are going through and will support you and never leave you behind. Membership helps us grow strong and support more families. All dues go to:

  • Long-term community growth

  • Sustainability of the organization

  • Website maintenance and development

  • Improved technology for better outdoor access

  • Programs to help more families get outside

The Women's Hiking Crew is an adventure at your own risk group. Our website is simply a platform to gather women together. We are not a professional guide service. The hosts who are hiking with you may or may not have CPR abilities. They also are not required to have a first aid kit on them. They are not actual “guides” but are simply creating a meeting point for you all to gather. All a host is promising by posting a hike in the Women's Hiking Crew calendar is that they will be there at the meeting time and help everyone gather. If you are joining in a hike you have read and agreed to our waiver. Not signing our waiver does not excuse you from agreeing to the personal liability terms of our waiver.

Step One

Your membership is not complete until you have signed the waiver.

Step Two