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Easy Ways You Can Give Back to the Hiking Community

From short evening outings with the family to epic backcountry missions with close friends, hiking is a great way to connect with nature and feel rejuvenated! Hiking trails bring so much positivity to our lives and ask nothing in return.

Picture your favorite trail or one you use a lot.

Got it?

Now, that trail has probably given you a head full of good memories, hosted heartfelt conversations, and provided some quality self-care. How could you ever return the love?

If you haven’t thought of anything yet, here are 4 super fun and easy ways you can say “thank you” to your favorite trail while giving back to the outdoor community!

Trail Crew or Clean Up Volunteering

Volunteer to do some light maintenance and help spruce up the trail you love! Check online or call the governing agency’s office to see if there are scheduled volunteer events. Many state parks, conservation areas, and community parks will host an annual trail day, so be on the lookout!

There are many organizations, like the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, that welcome trail crew volunteers from all over to work for a week or more during the summer to help with front and backcountry trail projects.

Pick Up Litter

Do you hate seeing micro trash while in a pristine outdoor setting? Same!

It drives me bananas...

Give an empty bread bag a second life and use it to collect bits of trash you come across while hiking. Make it a friendly game between you and a friend to see who can collect the most garbage.

Why must I make everything a competition? I just can’t help myself.

Be a Good Steward and Practice LNT

Brush up on the seven principals of Leave No Trace and know how to apply them during your outdoor adventures. Being good stewards of the environment is essential, so we can preserve our favorite outdoor spaces for future generations to enjoy!

Share Your Efforts

Kindness is contagious! Share your good deeds for the world to see.

We’re not bragging; we just really love trails.

It’s about posting your work to inspire others. Use your online platform to urge followers and friends to give back to the outdoor community too!

Don’t leave us out! Share your stewardship in the Women’s Hiking Crew & Adventures Facebook Group.

In the comments, let us know how you plan to give back to your favorite hiking area this summer!

Emily is a freelance travel and outdoor recreation writer for hire. Samples of her published work can be found at

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