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How hiking helped me heal

8 years ago I became very ill.

Went from specialist to specialist only to get sicker.

I started talking to my husband about what to do if I was to pass because it was all seeming hopeless.

Then I went to the right specialist and they found I had an brain aneurysm. It was good to finally know but also terrifying because I had an aunt that died from this.

my surgery was successful, but not without complications, brain swelling that almost took my life and caused my headaches to be so severe that I couldn’t function.

After all this I slowly got better, but my balance was terrible and I was weak. My doctor eventually insisted I use a cane. that was very hard to except.

A few years ago I started hiking.

It was a struggle, but I pushed through and slowly was able to do more and more. My balance is better, I’m stronger and more positive about life.

Every time I hike I’m amazed at how much I can do.

I’m thankful to be alive and to be able to see and do all the things I’ve been able to do.

This summer I did a 12 mile difficult hike. I looked back at the trail I went through in awe that just a few years ago I was using a cane!

I’ve learned we can do more than we think we can. We can push ourselves to do anything if we truly want it.

Never give up, never say you can’t do it! You can, you just have to want it bad enough!

Hiking is peaceful and a heart healthy activity.

My doctor was amazed at how much better I was at my last check up.

Anyway I in no way think what I went through was worse than anyone else’s problems, but it’s made me stronger. So I wouldn’t change any of it!

I think you all are amazing and am looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you!

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