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Why You Should Join a Group Hike

Many of us are craving human connection more than ever. This morning I caught myself in a full conversation with my cat about my grocery shopping list, so I know I am.

Fresh air and plenty of open space to spread out? There’s no better place for us to reconnect than out on the trails. If you’ve never been on a group hike before, here are a few things you’re sure to love about them!


Make New Friends

Explore trails with other women who love hiking just as much as you. With that in common, you’re sure to leave a group hike with a few new trail buddies. The WHC is a safe and welcoming community for all outdoor women to connect with the opportunity to make lifelong friends!

Learn Something New

I was hiking with a group of friends a few weeks ago, and one woman knew every single wildflower we hiked by while another was a photographer who helped us get the perfect group photo. We all bring our knowledge with us wherever we go! You just might rub some new info off on someone else or become a student in a new topic.

Safety in Numbers

Solo hiking is a good time, and sometimes it’s the only option. Going out alone does present some fairly distinct safety concerns that are muted by group outings. If you’re new to hiking or want to try out some more challenging terrain, going in a group is a sure way to have support while on the trail.

I enjoy group hikes when I am exploring quieter wilderness trails where I am more likely to encounter a grizzly bear. Since all bear safety organizations recommend hiking in groups of four or more, I feel safer knowing I’m in compliance.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Good times is the great outdoors. Some of my best memories are of exploring trails with friends new and old! The laughs, the triumphs, the hilariously unflattering hiking photos, they all make for great stories to tell and retell.


Check out what the Women’s Hiking Crew has organized in the events calendar or reach out in the Facebook group to organize your own gathering. Happy trails!

Emily is a freelance travel and outdoor recreation writer for hire. Samples of her published work can be found at

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